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Are you searching for senior leaders or employees with specialist skills?

We can find the perfect match for your organisation!

Since 1992 we have brought individuals and companies together, because we understand both your needs and the markets in which you are active.

As your competent partner we lead you through the search, selection and hiring process.

Whether for dedicated senior appointments, skilled specialists or for interim management assignments in flexible, project or time-based roles, you can rely upon us.

Our structured and process led approach ensures that the candidates we identify and present to you, fulfill both the skill based and competency profiles you require, as well as satisfying the cultural and personality traits to ensure an ideal fit with your organisation.

Based upon your explicit needs and a competency profile that we define together, we create a suitable shortlist for you using our candidate assessment process.

We guide you from the pre-selection through to the hiring decision, applying our proven methodology to guarantee your satisfaction and to ensure sustainable hiring success.

We always place your needs, your goals, and your success at the heart of everything we do!

Our fields of expertise and extensive network of candidates in senior leadership roles as well as skilled specialists, covers the following industry sectors

Banking – Insurance, both B2B as well as B2C – B2B Manufacturing – Retail Services

and following specializations

Information Technology – Operations – Marketing and Communications – Brand Management – Sales Excellence – Project Management – Finance and HR as well as General Management

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